Kiss me goodbye, I'm defying gravity.
Pelin. 21. NYC lover. I watch too much TV (won't even list them all here) and ship a LOT... I love Rachel Bilson & Blair Waldorf, they're my queens.

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 looking for something special.

chris evans filmography
↳ the nanny diaries (2007)


fun date idea:

take me to comic con

drop me off


Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Scarlett Johansson “Black Widow” Behind the Scenes

Elphaba! We’re going to be together always. You can see houses flying through the sky… Can’t you see that?


what if you woke up and found your blogtitle tattooed on your body

"We’re the Millers" bloopers.

 Sometimes it’s best to pretend the show ended before the series finale

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It doesn’t even matter what the show is

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